Saturday, 17 May 2014


I've rediscovered the Blogsy app for the iPad, which seems to have changed a lot since the last time I used it back a couple of years ago!

With this discovery it will be so much easier for me to blog as I don't always boot up the laptop but here I will have access to all my photos to post anyway!

Il also be able to blog whilst Bee and I are at Britmums live which is exciting!

This post is my first from Blogsy as I'm testing it out!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cuski Reviews

Cuski has been a well known brand to us, Bee has had a Cuski Mini for when he was born and now it sits in his memory box.

I was on the hunt for the softest muslins I could find as Bee is very comforted by having soft material on his face and holding/sucking and rubbing the fabrics on his face.

Sadly most of the muslins that I could find from the normal range of shops were far too rough for what he wanted and the lack of softness made it hard for him to comfort himself, even after repeated washing - they still were better geared for wiping spit up milk.

When I spoke to the lovely people behind Cuski, a company created for parents to provide their babies with natural soft cotton comforters to replace bulky blankets or dummies, they sent out a pack of their Mini Swandoodles.

The first thing you will notice when receiving a package from Cuski is the way it is lovingly wrapped and sent, it really feels that they care about you and their product which is fabulous.. I love that the service is so personal and welcoming to be a returning customer!

The Mini Swandoodles come in a pack of 3 (they do girls and boys designs) Bee was sent the London cabs designs which include 1 plain white, 1 blue, 1 blue striped and 1 white with blue cars.

The feel of these muslins are incredible, they are so soft! even straight from the packet! Normally when you get muslins they need to be 'broken in' over time to achieve the softness but these beat my expectations.

After a couple of washes they were even softer and Bee absolutely loves them! I make sure we have one wherever we go so that he can have one against his face as he drifts of to sleep.

Another fab use we have found is for help with teething! Bee has hard sore gums but no teeth yet and I find that wrapping my finger in a Swandoodle and letting him chomp down not only feels good on his sore gums without being too harsh, it also saves my finger from getting crushed! win win!

This is what they say about them taken from the Cuski website:

The most beautiful muslins you will ever find!
100% luxurious silky bamboo muslins
Perfect for: 
Burping shoulder cover to protect clothing
Bib for feeding times
Shade for little legs in the sun when out in the pram
Place under baby on the changing mat to avoid chill
Comforter for those babies who don't have a Cuski!
Bandana/ headband for baby, mummy and cool dads!
Make shift nappy/ diaper IN AN EMERGENCY
Changing cover, especially for little boys! Oops!
Window shade whilst travelling
General wipe it all
Playing Peek-a-boo!
Easily washed and softens with each wash
Wash at 30 degrees, please iron after wash & dry to retain softness
Made in Turkey
Size 60 x 60cm each 
Pack of 4
You can buy them HERE for £19.99 which is a brilliant price for 4, especially if you want the comforting softness they provide your little ones!
The Great Swandoodle!
Another awesome product we were sent to review is the Cuski Great Swandoodle which is a HUGE versatile swaddling muslin!
Here is the uses they list on the website:

Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable, The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:
Baby Swaddle
Baby blanket
A must-have for car, train or air journeys as light cover
Light enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travelling
Poolside or beach throw
Sun shade
Modesty cover while nursing
Bed throw
And is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling…!
We were sent the Orange Hippo Great Swandoodle which is grey striped. I can definitely say we have used it in different ways so far.. we used it was a buggy privacy shade when in a restaurant to block the world out so Bee could sleep, a blanket for in the car so he doesn't get too warm (I have the heating up alot so normal thick blankets would be too much). We have used it as a photography background! great for impromptu photos and to block out noisy backgrounds!
 Of course we have used it as a swaddle blanket too. Bee is a big 6 month old and is growing out of the smaller Velcro style swaddles but still absolutely loves to be swaddled to sleep so its a big relief to find a great swaddle blanket that I can continue to use, it literally is that big!

I can't wait for the warmer weather, I'm sure we will be using it in many other ways! A big thumbs up from mummy and Bee! 
You can buy the Great Swandoodles HERE aswell as browsing all the amazing designs and other products Cuski have to offer!
Follow Cuski on TWITTER and FACEBOOK :)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rocket meets the animals!

Today was one of Rockets friends Birthday parties and it had a petting zoo attending which was amazing fun for all the children and I had never experienced a party like this so was fun for me too!

First off the bought out a female skunk, she was lovely and incredibly tame. I got a cuddle but Rocket was a bit freaked out bless him and he touched a few of the animals but wouldn't hold any.

There were 2 meerkats, a snake, a chinchilla, a millipede, a stick insect, a hedgehog and a bearded dragon.

Rocket had a great time and it was fabulous to see him learning about all the animals, even if he was a little wary! He did however love the bouncy castle in the barn afterwards!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Letting go

I feel a bit emotional writing this.

It's no secret that my journey of breastfeeding has been a long struggle! Bee is now 6 months old and has not fed from the breast for over a month, I did however keep pumping day and night but have only been getting an ounce out PER DAY!

This wracks me with guilt, it's all personal issues I know. I have a super healthy, chunky boy who is very happy on formula and the tiny bit of milk I was producing but I just couldn't bring myself to stop. He is my last baby and I think that stopping pumping and letting my milk dry up has been emotionally a brick wall, but now I feel it's the right time to 'let go'.

Bee does receive some donor breastmilk from a couple of friends and I'm incredibly grateful but sad I couldn't do more for him but he will receive donor milk for as long as I am gifted it for him. He is mostly formula fed, and of course we have just started weaning into solids!

I don't know why I'm writing this, I guess it's just so I can allow myself to stop and that it's ok - of course it is! It's just an irrational feeling not allowing myself to stop.

Rocket only had minimal milk up til 5 weeks old so at the same time of feeling bad that I only got to 6 months, it's also a massive achievement and I'm proud to say that even though it's only been an ounce a day for a good 2 months, I still did it, I reached my goal.

So there it is, the end of our breastfeeding journey together. I've really enjoyed every second, even through the struggles.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Bee turns 6 Months!

I really cannot believe how quick time has zoomed by! It really still feels like it could be November (apart from the sunshine, obviously!)

My now 6 month old has changed so much! He currently weighs 19lb 3oz and is on the 75th percentile for weight and 91st for length!

He is now comfortably in size 9-12 month clothes (the top half is fine in 6-9) and can roll both ways - a skill he only learnt yesterday when I left him on the carpet in one spot and turned round and he had barrel rolled across the floor!

Weaning is going great, he is a foodie like his mummy! I can't say he has a favourite as he has demolished anything that's been put in his mouth! Although he really likes having a banana in one of those little mesh things, he loves sucking it to death!

The noises he makes are apparently advanced according to the health visitor! He is very load and screeches high pitched although he has a husky man voice already haha.

He sleeps perfect at night, swaddled with a feed at 11:30 - midnight depending on what time we go to bed. He will go through til 7am which is a blessing after Rocket didn't sleep through until he was 3!

We are really enjoying the laughs and smiles (although him grabbing onto my hair when I pick him up is getting painful!)

I adore the relationship the boys are developing! Bee is obsessed by Rocket and Rocket is so tollerant and gentle, it's such a blessinng to watch!

Here's to the next 6 months Bee! I'm sure they will go as quickly as these 6 have!