Friday, 9 May 2014

Bee turns 6 Months!

I really cannot believe how quick time has zoomed by! It really still feels like it could be November (apart from the sunshine, obviously!)

My now 6 month old has changed so much! He currently weighs 19lb 3oz and is on the 75th percentile for weight and 91st for length!

He is now comfortably in size 9-12 month clothes (the top half is fine in 6-9) and can roll both ways - a skill he only learnt yesterday when I left him on the carpet in one spot and turned round and he had barrel rolled across the floor!

Weaning is going great, he is a foodie like his mummy! I can't say he has a favourite as he has demolished anything that's been put in his mouth! Although he really likes having a banana in one of those little mesh things, he loves sucking it to death!

The noises he makes are apparently advanced according to the health visitor! He is very load and screeches high pitched although he has a husky man voice already haha.

He sleeps perfect at night, swaddled with a feed at 11:30 - midnight depending on what time we go to bed. He will go through til 7am which is a blessing after Rocket didn't sleep through until he was 3!

We are really enjoying the laughs and smiles (although him grabbing onto my hair when I pick him up is getting painful!)

I adore the relationship the boys are developing! Bee is obsessed by Rocket and Rocket is so tollerant and gentle, it's such a blessinng to watch!

Here's to the next 6 months Bee! I'm sure they will go as quickly as these 6 have!

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