Friday, 27 June 2014

TOMY - Interactive Dinosaur Train Toys - Review

We were sent some very exciting toys to test out  few weeks ago now

Rocket has grown up watching Dinosaur Train and when he opened the box to see 2 of the characters from the show in he was very excitable!

TOMY have a new range of interactive toys from the show and I don't actually think I knew what to expect when I heard 'interactive' but to me it Just seems like magic ;)

Mr Conductor : is a smaller dinosaur with over 40 different phrases! He also sings and has a button on his shirt which lights up. You can move his arms and mouth and he is posable.

Roar 'n' React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T Rex : He is huge! a giant fun toy that Rocket loves! He also has Smart talk technology which lets him talk with the other characters, he can recognise who he is standing with and they can even sing together!

He has a back button and can roar really loud, children can challenge him to a roaring competition!

The only thing we find a little annoying is that we can't get Boris to stand up straight and on his own, he tends to lean forward til his head rests on the floor - but that doesn't matter when you are playing with them.

I think interactive toys are amazing and even more so as it seemed magic to me! I was blown away wondering just how they can recognise who they are talking to!

There are 7 awesome characters to choose from too!

You can find out more about TOMY Interactive Dinosaur Train toys HERE :)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Sydney the diva

Well, its happened. My middle child, and youngest girl Sydney, has turned 4. Everyone always says that time flies, and its true. My little peanut, who walked late, and barely talked at age 3, is now a running and VERY opinionated 4 year old!

Mind you she doesn't look 4. She has been the same size for the last 2 years and gets asked if she is twins with Grayson an awful lot. It makes her incredibly good at gymnastics though, so she's not complaining!

I couldn't imagine my life without her. My husband and I tried for a while to conceive her, and now I cannot "conceive" of a day where I am not hearing a tiny voice belt out "Let It Go" from the back of my minivan.

Side note: a few months ago I had to stand in line for the 2 dolls she received on her birthday. I'd rather endure the ridiculous parents fighting than pay exorbitant amounts on ebay. Talk about LET IT GO!!!

Happy birthday my little cuddle bug. You've given us a run for our money this last year (HELLO threenager!!!!), but there are so many adventures I see for us ahead! (Just keep the teenager stuff on stand by until later, ok?)

Mommy loves you!

Nothing says birthday like 2 Frozen dolls from the Disney store! 


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Almost Packed! (Britmums Live 2014)

I'm sitting here in the dark, it's almost 1am and I'm trying to get a poorly Bee to sleep whilst packing the entire contents of my house into 3 bags.. it's not going well!

Bee's cough is so bad hes been screaming in pain. Surely it should be getting better by now? I'm prepared though with plenty of calpol packed!

The buggy will be so heavy I'm not even sure it will move ha ha - at least I wont have to bring all the milks back.

I'm so excited now!! Not long til I see my roomy Fi and meet loads of my awesome online friends! This yearly event is my mini holiday to be me and this year I'm bringing Bee (who came last year when I was 16 weeks pregnant ;) )

If you see us do come and say hello!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Shadow

I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, or it's just me, but I have a little shadow. It's a tiny shadow, and whether it be sunny or rainy, it's there, in the shape of a 2 year old toddler boy.

He's there when I shower. He's there when I go to the bathroom. He's there when I clean, cook, or sneeze. He's there when I try to do my daily run (I'm going to have to get a running stroller, because it's not working with a regular one). I even had to babywear him in my Ergobaby (on my back) while I strolled to day 1 of my town's annual seafood festival weekend. It's official: Grayson is a mamas boy.

Don't get me wrong, I love my son more than life itself. He is the apple of my eye. But sometimes mommy needs time to herself!

My daughters never did this. Cassie and Sydney are ridiculously independent, and always have been. Both of them started dressing themselves at a young age, have no problem when I go to the store, and haven't share bathroom time with me (not for awhile anyway). So what gives? Is this a typical boy thing, something I am not used to? Did my girls with their lack of "the sky is falling" hysterics when I left the room ruin me?

I'm sure that one day I will miss this. I tell myself that as my son sits on my lap as I write this, in 80 degree sweaty heat. For now, I'd like a happy medium. Anyone have a suggestion? I just want to have 5 minutes to my self, or at least be able to go to the bathroom on peace.

The one moment Grayson wasn't on my lap


Monday, 9 June 2014

Pabobo Musical Star Projector - Review

We were sent the Musical Star Projector to review from Pabobo recently. Growing up Rocket has had quite a few Pabobo products so we were well familiar with the brand and equally excited that Bee was reviewing his first!

The Musical Star Projector is quite small and on first glance I have to be honest and thought it felt  little cheap as it is very light but after you have put it in the cot you will see that it is designed to be safe for little hands and that is the very reason it is light and smooth.

The stars that are projected onto the ceiling are awesome but they are static, i would have preferred something that had a little moment (I must add that Pabobo have plenty of their night time light products that DO have movement).

The music stays on for 45 minutes which is perfect as you don't have to keep getting up to turn the music on and the lights sty on too. It has different settings enabling you to change the light colours, have music on or off and volume settings too.

We co sleep with Bee and I have to say we have gotten used to it and its really not a bother for adults in the room!

Here is the downside - we have the battery version and it literally eats the batteries.. we have replaced the 4 times and as it stands at the moment the batteries are empty!

There is another version you can buy which is rechargeable with  mini USB and I wish we had been sent that one. So all I can suggest is that you invest in the rechargeable version to save on the batteries!

Other than running out of its charge, Bee loves it and I do absolutely love Pababo and would recommend you have a look on their website at all their amazing night lights!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The day you died

Today has been a whirlwind of emotion. Yesterday you were ok, today you are no longer here. We have known for a long while that you were poorly and could get an infection at anytime but as you've proved us wrong so many times before we didn't think much of it!

Back in October and November I didn't think you would meet your newest great grandchild and that hurt my heart so much. You asked me every time you saw me when the baby was going to be born (even though I was only 33 weeks!) and the baby must have known he was needed as he evacuated himself at exactly 3 weeks early. 
You wernt able to see him though as you were stuck on a ward full of infections - I cried and cried (I may have scared the nurses on duty a bit!).
Photos had to do until bee was 5-6 weeks old when we were able to bring him to you and it was the most incredible few hours! Your face lit up as you held your new great grandchild and fed him his milk. It was a sight we never thought we would see and you were so proud.

Then you became poorly once more and we were told you weren't going to make it and the rollercoaster of emotions just kept on going. We fought hard to get you moved out of the hospital into a home where you could see people freely outside of a 1 hour visiting time but most importantly you could spend time with my boys.

You were discharged from hospital with palliative care, fast tracked to a home literally 2 minutes from mums house - being so close was a blessing but we thought (we were told) we only had a week or two - so we crammed in visits!

As the time went by you got stronger, you started eating again and eventually you were sitting in the lounge daily watching television and showing off your photos to the nurses! Everybody adored you, it was hard not too - you were so cheeky, kind and loveable!

Rocket came to see you on his birthday and you and another gentleman sang him happy birthday, it was a happy day.

Bee grew larger and larger, you struggled to hold him as he was so squirmy but you never gave up and always jumped at the chance for a cuddle - in return he gave you beautiful gummy smiles back!

These last few weeks you've been poorly with a cold but we didn't think much of it. I last bought Bee to see you last week, he fell asleep in your arms and we had a lovely chat and giggled at the lady across from us shouting silly things. We laughed at the fact I'd accidentally given Bee your home made Roast Lamb dinner mum had saved (it's ok, he enjoyed it ;-) )

What we weren't expecting was for a phone call to tell us how poorly you'd gotten over night. We all raced to be with you and as hard as you found it being so poorly, you still let us know you were there and we were around you to the very end.

I hope you knew how much you meant to me, to all of us! You have done so much for us all and you are so special. Il always feel blessed that you got to meet Bee and hug him - 7 months more than you should have! That's amazing!

I think you'd want us to be happy now, you are safe and at peace and now I have to look after mum and I promise I will. 

You will forever be in our hearts. Sleep well Grandma xxx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Freshly Picked - Competition - Moccasins

Hello again! So I see I haven’t chased you off. Good thing too, because I am going to chat about a trend on the rise here, which is children’s moccasins!

I wasn’t always on board with the whole trend. Honestly, Grayson is so rough with his shoes I am surprised that they don’t explode on his feet. When the original company, Freshly Picked, starting making the rounds, I was intrigued, at the very least. Made of genuine leather in the USA, I had to admit they were cute, but how could they stand up to a tornado of a toddler? 

Well, I bought a pair in the color Mint, thinking that they would be at least cute in the photographer stylist point of view. I was WRONG. Not only are they perfect for shoots, but they are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! The color is bright, the sizing is wonderful, and even though Grayson had hesitation in the first few seconds (eeek change!) he was hooked! 

I had to test them outside of course. We went to the gym, the stores, the sidewalk, the beach, everywhere, and they held up! He was comfortable, and he didn’t even try to throw them off his feet (which he sometimes does with other shoes). Not that he could, because of their unique design. 

What I like about them most is that the company is run by, and the shoes designed by a regular mom named Susan Petersen. She knew the needs of her children, and designed that way. She’s very inspiring! 

The most sentimental part of these moccs (yes theres a sentimental part) is that after some wear, my son’s foot imprint is in the sole. It’s like having his footprint forever that size, without having to use inkpads, or to even beg him to sit still for me. 

All of that was the reason I received a second pair in Butterscotch. Not only does he look super cool, but I get more footprints to hold on to while his little feet grow so fast. Hey, the compliments help too. :)

Check out Freshly Picked’s website listed here: 
You won’t be disappointed. Just to sweeten the deal, I am giving away a pair, any color, any size!

All you need to do to enter is comment on this blog post how many children you have and your email address or how we can contact you if you win.

Follow @MilkandHoneyPhotog on Instagram

Follow @FreshlyPicked on Instagram

Pop over and like my Photography page on Facebook :)

Contest runs until June 15th.

*Prizes are non transferable and no cash alternative. Editors decision is final.

Good luck everyone! Now its off to the beach, moccs on the feet!


Mommy2SweetPeas Overseas! - Intro Post

 I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but never knew how to start my first post without sounding like a singles ad: “Hi, I’m Clarissa, I’m a taurus, I like long walks on the beach, etc.” I’ll try to spare you, but no promises!!
Like I said earlier, I’m Clarissa, and I’m a 31 year old wife and mom with 3 wonderful children and a great stepson. I am a slave to running, and cannot resist the siren song of the mermaid from Starbucks. My passion lies in photography. Ever since I was small, I have loved the camera (behind it of course!) I’m hoping that I get to share some of my favorite pictures here, if you’ll have me. (Please!) I pray that my photography gets published, or at least takes me to London. !

I live a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, better known as the Jersey Shore. To put it in perspective, I am about 45 min away from NYC. I love the beach, and all it has to give us. (Except the seagulls. They are rats with wings, but they are sometimes wonderful to look at. From afar.)

Cassie, 7
Sydney, 3
Grayson, 2
 Let me introduce you to my kids:

This is Cassie. She is turning 7 next week, but she is more like turning into a teenager! She is a clumsy one, constantly falling on her own 2 feet, but she is a whiz at sports. She can play baseball like her momma, and is in love with horseback riding.

Here is Sydney. At 3, almost 4, she is the shy and quiet one, until she is comfortable in her surroundings, then she is just as loud as they come! She is quite tiny, very much into gymnastics, and is one of the many that was enslaved by Frozen. (She goes by Elsa sometimes, and walks around with socks on her hands, which she calls her Elsa gloves.

I have one son, and his name is Grayson. At 2, he is every bit of a mommas boy! He is my muse, since he doesn’t mind the camera (much). He is a daredevil, always giving me a heart attack, including the day he was born, in which we both almost passed away (but more on that later).

My stepson Andrew is almost 13. He is quiet, and very much into video games. He is also quite talented with drawing. I bet he becomes an artist one day!

I hope I haven’t bored you. I have a giveaway with Freshly Picked moccasins coming up in the next post, so at least stick around for that!

If you would like to see my work, head to