Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Sydney the diva

Well, its happened. My middle child, and youngest girl Sydney, has turned 4. Everyone always says that time flies, and its true. My little peanut, who walked late, and barely talked at age 3, is now a running and VERY opinionated 4 year old!

Mind you she doesn't look 4. She has been the same size for the last 2 years and gets asked if she is twins with Grayson an awful lot. It makes her incredibly good at gymnastics though, so she's not complaining!

I couldn't imagine my life without her. My husband and I tried for a while to conceive her, and now I cannot "conceive" of a day where I am not hearing a tiny voice belt out "Let It Go" from the back of my minivan.

Side note: a few months ago I had to stand in line for the 2 dolls she received on her birthday. I'd rather endure the ridiculous parents fighting than pay exorbitant amounts on ebay. Talk about LET IT GO!!!

Happy birthday my little cuddle bug. You've given us a run for our money this last year (HELLO threenager!!!!), but there are so many adventures I see for us ahead! (Just keep the teenager stuff on stand by until later, ok?)

Mommy loves you!

Nothing says birthday like 2 Frozen dolls from the Disney store! 


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