Monday, 9 June 2014

Pabobo Musical Star Projector - Review

We were sent the Musical Star Projector to review from Pabobo recently. Growing up Rocket has had quite a few Pabobo products so we were well familiar with the brand and equally excited that Bee was reviewing his first!

The Musical Star Projector is quite small and on first glance I have to be honest and thought it felt  little cheap as it is very light but after you have put it in the cot you will see that it is designed to be safe for little hands and that is the very reason it is light and smooth.

The stars that are projected onto the ceiling are awesome but they are static, i would have preferred something that had a little moment (I must add that Pabobo have plenty of their night time light products that DO have movement).

The music stays on for 45 minutes which is perfect as you don't have to keep getting up to turn the music on and the lights sty on too. It has different settings enabling you to change the light colours, have music on or off and volume settings too.

We co sleep with Bee and I have to say we have gotten used to it and its really not a bother for adults in the room!

Here is the downside - we have the battery version and it literally eats the batteries.. we have replaced the 4 times and as it stands at the moment the batteries are empty!

There is another version you can buy which is rechargeable with  mini USB and I wish we had been sent that one. So all I can suggest is that you invest in the rechargeable version to save on the batteries!

Other than running out of its charge, Bee loves it and I do absolutely love Pababo and would recommend you have a look on their website at all their amazing night lights!

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