Friday, 27 June 2014

TOMY - Interactive Dinosaur Train Toys - Review

We were sent some very exciting toys to test out  few weeks ago now

Rocket has grown up watching Dinosaur Train and when he opened the box to see 2 of the characters from the show in he was very excitable!

TOMY have a new range of interactive toys from the show and I don't actually think I knew what to expect when I heard 'interactive' but to me it Just seems like magic ;)

Mr Conductor : is a smaller dinosaur with over 40 different phrases! He also sings and has a button on his shirt which lights up. You can move his arms and mouth and he is posable.

Roar 'n' React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T Rex : He is huge! a giant fun toy that Rocket loves! He also has Smart talk technology which lets him talk with the other characters, he can recognise who he is standing with and they can even sing together!

He has a back button and can roar really loud, children can challenge him to a roaring competition!

The only thing we find a little annoying is that we can't get Boris to stand up straight and on his own, he tends to lean forward til his head rests on the floor - but that doesn't matter when you are playing with them.

I think interactive toys are amazing and even more so as it seemed magic to me! I was blown away wondering just how they can recognise who they are talking to!

There are 7 awesome characters to choose from too!

You can find out more about TOMY Interactive Dinosaur Train toys HERE :)

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