Thursday, 10 July 2014

Baba and Boo - Summer collection

As you all know, we are massive Baba and Boo fans in this house! Out of all the cloth nappies we use, around 95% are Baba and Boo!

Their amazing new summer collection of fabulous prints has JUST been released and I feel it's only fair if I send you to see how AWESOME they are!

Click on over HERE to see the new Summer Fun range!

Bee was lucky enough to be sent the Seagulls print ahead of time to review and we were instantly in love with it!

Let me tell you a little bit about a Baba and Boo nappy! - they are suitable from 8/9lbs right the way up to 35lbs (or potty training) they do the whole lot! (we started when Bee was 6 months and they fit him beautifully.

They are completely waterproof on the outside and come with 2 microfibre inserts to use, we use both inserts as Bee is a gold medalist in the pee department and generally we get 3-4 hours before we need a (pee) change.

They have a popper system, which may look intimidating but it really is simple and helps you get the perfect fit for your baby as they grow. It's nice and snug around the legs and  comes up the back nicely - we have never had any poop explosions out of the top.. or come to think of it in 2 months we have never had a poo'mergency (touch wood).

No chemicals or nasties are used in these gorgeously soft and comfy nappies so you don't need to worry bout that!

One thing I love about Baba and Boo is that no matter how many times I've washed my nappies they

still look as new as the day we got them! - We do use liners to save from the majority of poop but as a first time I was concerned that they would be stained but I can tell you hand on heart that my nappies are still crispy white! We do sun them every chance we get though.

We adore our growing selection of Baba and Boo and would definitely recommend this brand of cloth nappies to anyone and everyone - it helps that the owner Eve is a sweetheart and her team are so friendly and approachable.

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