Thursday, 10 July 2014

-TEN- Mother and Baby Skincare - Review

This month is the launch of -TEN- mother and baby skincare products over in the UK.

It's important as a parent to know exactly what you re using in products on little ones and -TEN- delivers natural medical grade ingredients so you know exactly what is and isn't in their products.

-TEN- was created by Amanda Ling, a first time mother and CEO of a medical supplies company.

 Containing lab-quality natural ingredients, Amanda has created a range of beautiful boutique products for both mum and baby, with skin boosting benefits.

-TEN- Baby Gentle Massage Oil -

I've personally not used much on Bee's skin other than baby lotion and Coconut oil in the past if I wanted to do baby massage so I wasn't familiar with other products.
 This oil containing sweet almond oil is incredibly light and has a faint pleasant smell to it.
It glides on over Bee's skin and is easily absorbed which I liked as one thing I don' like in skin products is if they are too greasy and stay on you and get on clothes.

I love that it has an easy to use mess-free pump! Alot of other oils out there come in bottles with screw tops and the bottle becomes oily and hard to handle, but this bottle is nice and simple. It also has a very classic and welcoming design, it is something I would be drawn to if I saw it on a shelf.

-TEN- Baby Cleansing Foam -

I honestly love this product, I use it on both of my children (8 months and 4 years). It comes in a little pump which is extremely handy at bath time juggling two kiddies!
The foam is easily dispensed and my 4 year old loves using it to wash with.
 It goes on to the skin so smoothly and it smells really nice too.
 It contains natural oil extracts from Calendula and Chamomile and helps retain the skins natural moisture balance.
I would definitely get this foam again. We use it just before bed as a calming routine.

-TEN-  Hydration Body Cream (for mum) -

I passed this on to my mum to review as she uses a lot of creams and she said she loves it. Using it twice daily so far its easy to apply, soaks into her skin easily and is not greasy (providing you don't put too much on at once)

The Hydration Body Cream contains a combination of essential vitamins (B5, E and F), Wheatgerm oil and plant extracts, including camellia olefera seed oil, avocado oil and cacoa butter which nourishes and restores the skins natural balance, which can be affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

My mum has also said that the fragrance of the cream in unique and pleasant, it also does not interfere or clash with her normal fragrances she wears.

All in all, with the products we were sent to test we were very impressed and they are something we would be happy to continue using in day to day life.

You can find -TEN- Skincare in selected BOOTS stores nationwide and also at

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