Saturday, 30 August 2014

My first baby is starting school next week!

It seems like only last year I was bringing my teeny 5lb baby home from the hospital but in reality, that tiny premature bundle is now 4 and a half and starting primary school next week!

I've struggled with my emotions on this - he has been going to preschool since the week he turned 2 as we got the 2 year old funding. I know he is fine away from me, he's confident, crazy, lovable and independent. I know he will flourish and learn so much more each day but part of me, like all parents of children starting school, is sad.

I keep thinking of all the things we wont be able to do during the week days, he will see his dad less now as he has one day off in the week and works Saturdays so that sucks.

I also have the fears of school uniforms, school letters, homework, will I be organised enough? I'm never organised!

I worry about bullying. I myself was bullied all the way through school. I changed schools, I pretty much hated most of it as I was such a pushover and I don't want that for Rocket. I'm scared. Scared because he has amazing gorgeous red hair, scared that he will be picked on for what makes him awesome - I will be in bits when that stupid 'kick a ginger day' comes round.

I know I shouldn't be getting myself down on the negatives and I know these are MY fears. He is excited and has been all summer - this is a new journey for him and HE'S READY!

gNappies - Review

We have now been using cloth (mostly part time) for a few months, I don't actually get to use cloth as much as I would like as Bees dad doesn't like it, but I tend to use them during the day whilst he is at work.

I was asked
to review a gNappy - I had of cour
se heard about them before, my own blog counterpart Clarissa over in the states uses them on her bundle of joy! Plus I have friends who have ENORMOUS collections of their awesome designs!

The deal about the gNappy.... they are cloth yes but also as close to a disposable as a cloth nappy can get so its an easy system that is Eco friendly without having 'too much' hassle if you don't have that much time to invest in washing!

The nappy is made up of 3 parts, the gPants cover (which is adorable!), the waterproof insert which pops into the cover and holds the third part, which can either be a cloth insert - or a 100% biodegradable disposable insert.

This system really appealed to me, once you have outlaid the initial money for the gPants covers then you continue to buy the disposable inserts instead of ordinary nappies. I love that you can still have the convenience of a disposable nappy but with it being totally healthy for the environment and at the same time your littlen looks cute as can be!

Bees gNappy is the Gamma Stripe - available HERE. We found the fit was perfect around his bottom and one of the things i particularly love about gNappies is that the Velcro is round the back! This, believe me will be perfect come the time that little toddler hands discover that they can take their own nappies off - I've been there with Rocket! eeekk!

We did notice a few little red marks around his hip area, I think they are referred to as sock marks and didn't seem to bother him one bit, although I wonder if I had done the nappy up a tad too tight.

Once Bee had done a wee, you are able to swap the disposable insert, provided no wetness or poop is in the nappy then you are good to go again, genius! and washing is straightforward, although it's
important to separate the layers before they
head into the washing machine.

gNappies get a thumbs up from us, they tick all the boxes and did I mention they look adorable?!

You can find out more about starting your own gJourney HERE and also find them on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and Instagram.

*We were sent a Gamma Stripe gNappy for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own and honest. All photos are copyright of

KyNa Boutique - Organic clothes for stylish kids!

L'asticot Tshirt
L'asticot leggings
Recently I have been really into the boys wearing fun, bright, unique clothes - a lot of the clothes that we have bought from the high street tend to wear very quickly or fade in the wash and I wanted brands that would uphold the test of time and on the upside, anything I now buy for Rocket will be passed down to Bee! Value right there ;)

Vest, Maxomorra
Before Bee was born I had started following a lovely lady called Jenny who owns KyNa Boutique,
an online shop full of awesome, unique and ORGANIC clothes for babies and children. It was when Bee was very tiny we ordered our first items, which were Slugs and Snails tights and from then we were hooked!

Ava and Luc
Jenny has fully tested the clothing she sells having  gorgeous boys herself and the thing I absolutely love is it is free shipping to the UK and comes with free returns for 60 days, should you change your mind or the clothes not fit.

Tshirt Maxomorra, Leggings Indikidual

 The delivery is SUPER FAST .... I don't think it could be faster if she drove it to you herself! I'm aways excited as its always been next day delivery for us (providing you've ordered early enough the previous day that is!)

Vest, Maxomorra
My favourite so far is the Indikidual leggings, they are a great fit, elasticated and hemmed waist making them incredibly comfortable for both my boys and they are fabulous for running, playing, climbing and generally just being a kid!

Also, Maxomorra T shirts... oh gosh, we love the bright colours and various designs! These look super awesome on and come in vests and long sleeves to!

I'll leave it there, if you want to go over and have a look at all the stylish brands KyNa Boutique has to offer then you can HERE and they are also on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER :)
Indikidual leggings.

*I was not paid to write this review, I do it because I adore the clothes and want to share the love so other people can enjoy them to!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Britax Affinity - Review

As part of the Britax Mumbassadors program we were sent the Britax Affinity pushchair to review and put through it's paces!

Firstly was the unpacking which was relatively easy and took the hubby only 10 minutes to put together which wasn't bad going.

The colour pack we were sent is Sky Blue, a beautifully vibrant and rich blue which pops out against the black chassis. Colour packs are available to buy separately (and come in the following colours :
Black Thunder, Chilli Pepper, Blue Sky, Cool Berry, Cactus Green and Fossil Brown. (RRP £48)

I love the fact that you can buy the colour packs separately as one pushchair can be passed down but freshened up for each child! It makes the Affinity and even more flexible and affordable choice.

Bee loves being pushed around in the Affinity, we have only really used the parent facing option so far as he is so little still but the large seat holds him very comfortably and I love the fact the shoulder strap cushions are fixed as it doesn't let the strap chafe against his next which alot of other pushchairs do.

It is very easy and light to push, with a big handle bar which is adjustable making it easy for parents
of different heights to push.

One of the things I love about the Affinity is the breaks... they are big and easy - showing the red and green so there is no confusion. The breaks on this pushchair are the easiest iv'e experienced in the 4 years of being a mum!

The shopping basket underneath is roomy and quite large although at an angle that I have worried about things falling out by looking at it (I should add that nothing has actually fallen out)

The seat unit tilts back to lay vertical which is great as it makes it very confortable for Bee to go for a nap but I do struggle with the stiffness of the lever which reclines the chair - I have Hypermobility Syndrome and not much strength in my hands which doesn't help.

The 5 point harness is really simple to click in and to release just press the round button on the front, no fiddly messing about! We also love the padded seat and think it looks uber stylish :P

The Affinity also comes with an Anti-Theft system which will put your mind to rest, especially when travelling or on holiday.

Folding and unfolding is extremely simple and its easy for me to get into my car boot - when unloading the frame goes up in seconds.

The Affinity is a delight to push in town and I have had comments about how good it looks with its stylish roundness and bright blue colour!

I would definitley recommend the Britax Affinity, its ticks all the boxes for us and is also a travel system when purchased as a deal (although we have used it only as a pushchair)

Check out a YouTube video about the Britax Affinity HERE.

*We were sent the Affinity to review, no payment was received and all views are our own.