Saturday, 30 August 2014

gNappies - Review

We have now been using cloth (mostly part time) for a few months, I don't actually get to use cloth as much as I would like as Bees dad doesn't like it, but I tend to use them during the day whilst he is at work.

I was asked
to review a gNappy - I had of cour
se heard about them before, my own blog counterpart Clarissa over in the states uses them on her bundle of joy! Plus I have friends who have ENORMOUS collections of their awesome designs!

The deal about the gNappy.... they are cloth yes but also as close to a disposable as a cloth nappy can get so its an easy system that is Eco friendly without having 'too much' hassle if you don't have that much time to invest in washing!

The nappy is made up of 3 parts, the gPants cover (which is adorable!), the waterproof insert which pops into the cover and holds the third part, which can either be a cloth insert - or a 100% biodegradable disposable insert.

This system really appealed to me, once you have outlaid the initial money for the gPants covers then you continue to buy the disposable inserts instead of ordinary nappies. I love that you can still have the convenience of a disposable nappy but with it being totally healthy for the environment and at the same time your littlen looks cute as can be!

Bees gNappy is the Gamma Stripe - available HERE. We found the fit was perfect around his bottom and one of the things i particularly love about gNappies is that the Velcro is round the back! This, believe me will be perfect come the time that little toddler hands discover that they can take their own nappies off - I've been there with Rocket! eeekk!

We did notice a few little red marks around his hip area, I think they are referred to as sock marks and didn't seem to bother him one bit, although I wonder if I had done the nappy up a tad too tight.

Once Bee had done a wee, you are able to swap the disposable insert, provided no wetness or poop is in the nappy then you are good to go again, genius! and washing is straightforward, although it's
important to separate the layers before they
head into the washing machine.

gNappies get a thumbs up from us, they tick all the boxes and did I mention they look adorable?!

You can find out more about starting your own gJourney HERE and also find them on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and Instagram.

*We were sent a Gamma Stripe gNappy for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own and honest. All photos are copyright of

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