Saturday, 30 August 2014

KyNa Boutique - Organic clothes for stylish kids!

L'asticot Tshirt
L'asticot leggings
Recently I have been really into the boys wearing fun, bright, unique clothes - a lot of the clothes that we have bought from the high street tend to wear very quickly or fade in the wash and I wanted brands that would uphold the test of time and on the upside, anything I now buy for Rocket will be passed down to Bee! Value right there ;)

Vest, Maxomorra
Before Bee was born I had started following a lovely lady called Jenny who owns KyNa Boutique,
an online shop full of awesome, unique and ORGANIC clothes for babies and children. It was when Bee was very tiny we ordered our first items, which were Slugs and Snails tights and from then we were hooked!

Ava and Luc
Jenny has fully tested the clothing she sells having  gorgeous boys herself and the thing I absolutely love is it is free shipping to the UK and comes with free returns for 60 days, should you change your mind or the clothes not fit.

Tshirt Maxomorra, Leggings Indikidual

 The delivery is SUPER FAST .... I don't think it could be faster if she drove it to you herself! I'm aways excited as its always been next day delivery for us (providing you've ordered early enough the previous day that is!)

Vest, Maxomorra
My favourite so far is the Indikidual leggings, they are a great fit, elasticated and hemmed waist making them incredibly comfortable for both my boys and they are fabulous for running, playing, climbing and generally just being a kid!

Also, Maxomorra T shirts... oh gosh, we love the bright colours and various designs! These look super awesome on and come in vests and long sleeves to!

I'll leave it there, if you want to go over and have a look at all the stylish brands KyNa Boutique has to offer then you can HERE and they are also on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER :)
Indikidual leggings.

*I was not paid to write this review, I do it because I adore the clothes and want to share the love so other people can enjoy them to!

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