Saturday, 30 August 2014

My first baby is starting school next week!

It seems like only last year I was bringing my teeny 5lb baby home from the hospital but in reality, that tiny premature bundle is now 4 and a half and starting primary school next week!

I've struggled with my emotions on this - he has been going to preschool since the week he turned 2 as we got the 2 year old funding. I know he is fine away from me, he's confident, crazy, lovable and independent. I know he will flourish and learn so much more each day but part of me, like all parents of children starting school, is sad.

I keep thinking of all the things we wont be able to do during the week days, he will see his dad less now as he has one day off in the week and works Saturdays so that sucks.

I also have the fears of school uniforms, school letters, homework, will I be organised enough? I'm never organised!

I worry about bullying. I myself was bullied all the way through school. I changed schools, I pretty much hated most of it as I was such a pushover and I don't want that for Rocket. I'm scared. Scared because he has amazing gorgeous red hair, scared that he will be picked on for what makes him awesome - I will be in bits when that stupid 'kick a ginger day' comes round.

I know I shouldn't be getting myself down on the negatives and I know these are MY fears. He is excited and has been all summer - this is a new journey for him and HE'S READY!

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