Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Britax Rebrands!

Global repositioning of child mobility brand reflects commitment to the changing needs of parents

Leading child mobility brand, Britax, is announcing its global repositioning to give consumers and retailers a better understanding of the scale of its expanded offering, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting changing family needs. From today, all parts of the growing business will operate under the master brand of Britax, it will adopt a new, modern look and feel and ‘everyday family freedom’ will become the brand vision across the entire product portfolio.

This new brand repositioning and identity, which has been in development for three years, is routed in research and consumer feedback and is designed to better reflect the emotional aspects of the adventures of parenthood and is part of an ongoing strategy to make things better, simpler, smarter and safer for families wherever they are on their journey.

Amy Voller, Brand Director at Britax EMEA comments: “Britax has been leading and innovating for generations, focused on developing first-rate, functional and safe products for parents. However, following recent acquisitions, we want to bring to life the expertise and insights across our full product range and our modern, unifying brand identity allows us to do that.
“We’re constantly moving with the times to meet the evolving needs and desires of parents and looking after little passengers as they grow, be it the car seats for a baby’s first trip home or the stroller for a stress-free shopping trip with toddlers. Now we’re creating a consistent, powerful brand that reflects our goal of making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood. We want parents to recognise and feel confident that no matter where they want to go or what they want to do, it can be done simply with safety and style.”

Römer and Britax have been part of the family since they merged in the 1970s but since then the growing company has also acquired BOB (active strollers and bike trailers) in 2011 and BRIO (pushchairs and car safety) in 2013. As a result, the brand proposition has evolved considerably so aligning everything under one globally recognised brand name is the first step in Britax’s international rebranding efforts. Römer will become a sub-brand, continuing to set the standard in car seat safety, alongside Britax BOB, the sporty little brother providing products for active families.

From October and for the next twelve months, the new brand identity will be rolling out globally across all Britax products and consumer touch points including TV, Print, Out of home, Digital and Retail.

The first opportunity for parents to engage with the new brand is with the latest innovations in the 2015 collection, which include:
•           The BRITAX KING II ATS - a car seat that automatically alerts parents to any slack in the harness – just as a vehicle seat does for drivers or passengers.
•           The BRITAX ADVANSAFIX - a combination seat with a 5-point safety harness that adjusts as children grow older up to a weight of 25kg rather than the standard 18kg
•           BRITAX TRIFIX THE BLACK EDITION - a limited edition, child seat combining pure elegance with optimal safety
•           BRITAX is also revealing a brand new safety concept that will be added to its versatile pushchair the BRITAX SMILE in 2015 - an innovative brake system that automatically engages whenever there is no hand on the handle.
These innovative, new products showcase the new brand in action, all running under the tagline ‘Be Free’ and each specially designed to take child mobility and safety to the next
level, offering families more choice and more freedom no matter how active they are.  

About Britax
Britax is a global leader and innovator in child mobility dedicated to making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood. Specialising in a complete range of premium car seats, strollers, baby carriers and accessories that meet modern family lifestyle needs, Britax’s mission is to inspire families to travel more freely, confident of safety, sure of style.
Britax was founded in Britain in 1938 focussing initially on safety developments such as adult seat belts.  In the 1960s they launched the company’s first child car seat. In 1978, it merged with established German car safety counterpart Römer. More recently, Britax acquired the hugely popular outdoor stroller brand BOB in 2011 and the BRIO pushchair and car safety business in 2013.
Now Britax maintains offices in 12 countries, operates in almost all countries globally and employs more than 1000 people.

Cosatto Noodle Supa - Hen House Highchair Review

We were recently sent the fabulously  bright and funky Noodle Super highchair from Cosatto to review, which came at a great time as Bee was eating dinner in a bumbo up til then!

We chose the Hen House design out of the 4 exciting designs avaliable ( Pink Dilly Dolly, Monster Mash
and the Yokels) for a handful of reasons - we love yellow!! (hello... Bee!), our next door neighbours have chickens who we visit! and also just because of the awesome happy bright colour!

The Noodle Super is an amazingly versatile highchair which works absolutely perfect for our family
due to its 6 height position seat. - we don't actually have a dining room table due to lack of space in our small house, so it was important to have a chair that could be quite low for me to feed Bee next to the sofa and this highchair ticks that box.

Its very simple to move the chairs height up and down and it also has a 3 position seat so if your little one falls asleep during/after dinner then its easy to recline and let them doze... Bee however never falls asleep ANYWHERE other than his cot, hes a creature of habit haha.

Keeping along the lines of things that are adjustable, the footrest also can
come up, providing comfort for little legs which is brilliant and the whole seat is cushioned nicely so Bee can sit in there very comfortably for quite a while.

It has a 5 point harness, which can be used just as a seatbelt too, this is how we use it with the tray on as Bee doesn't like to feel too restrained - so thats a great option too.

The tray is lovely and spacious and tends to keep most food on too. It has a
little ridged circle to keep a juice up in position aswell.

With a one handed action you can pop the tray on and off and it also has different levels for when your baby grows and needs more room.

We are really enjoying this highchair, its great to take Bee for breakfast and have him in something so bright and happy! The colours are engaging and fun and overall the Noodle Supa get a big thumbs up from us! Its even in the top 10 highchairs as voted in the Independant!

You can find out more and purchase a Noodle Supa Highchair HERE


We were sent a highchair for the purpose of review.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

JJ Cole - Baby Changing Bag Review

A while ago now we were sent a JJ Cole baby changing bag to review. I'd been using various bags prior to receiving this one but I'd not had a stylish mummy bag before!

On first impressions of the changing bag I found that is extremely well made and the fabric is nice and strong (I've had others that are too soft and flimsy making them a nightmare to find things inside, but this is strong and holds up)

The design is very regal and goes with any pushchair we take out which is great and the straps that attach to the handles are genius, I love being able to hang it off our Xplory and it makes easy access to whatever you need from all the pockets.

Outside the bag there is 4 big open pockets which are deep and spacious, we use these for spare bibs/spoons,muslins and things we need quick access to.
 There are two pockets at either end of the bag for holding bottles/juice cups etc - they are also nice and roomy and take any sized bottle.
 The two pockets on the outside are zipped and perfect for holding dummies, creams, spare change.

Inside the bag its HUGE! there are 2 big deep pockets on either side leaving the middle of the bag clear and extremely spacious, we have got a lot into our bag, you seem to be able to keep filling it! I could even say this would do well as a twin changing bag due to the space.

There's the option of having the handles (which are permanently attached) or the shoulder strap which is detachable a fab feature but we tend to just have the little handles as mostly the bag is
hung from the buggy)

We use ours daily and its a great hard wearing bag that I can see lasting years. We are very happy with it and would definitely recommend it to others if its style as well as space you are looking for.

Find out about JJ Cole HERE and see the designs that are available!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dear Grandma - Sept 2nd 2014

Dear Grandma,

Words can't say how much I'm missing you. It's been 3 months since you left us and not a single day goes past when I don't think about you - and it hurts, bad.

Today A and I took the boys to the gardens in Bury, it has the most amazing flowers and the scent of fresh blooming flowers filled the air and I was instantly reminded that you are no longer here and I wanted you to be with us enjoying the flowers so much.

I wonder if you ever came to these gardens. I hope you did.. I regret not doing more with you, we take for granted what time we have and only miss things when it's too late. I'm going to make it my mission to do as much as physically possible from now on so I don't have regrets.

If you could see my garden now you would be so proud of me. Thats another thing I wish I had started whilst you were here, you were such a keen gardener and I wish you could guide me - but I have amazing green fingered neighbours who are teaching me. I'm growing all kinds of things, including fruit plants and mum gave me cuttings and plants that belonged to you before they moved and the other day she gave me a
viola, one of your favourite flowers.

I wish I knew when the hurt would be less. Even now writing this I feel like Ive been stabbed in the chest and I can't stop the tears, though I feel writing here will help me long term.

Rocket has his last day at preschool tomorrow, he starts school on Friday, I'm sad you won't be able to see him standing proud in his school uniform, he's such a little man now.

I love you x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Zero Waste Week 2014 - Know your plastics!

So today marked the beginning of Zero Waste Week and my good friend and rubbish guru Karen, popped round for an educational visit as promised!

We had previously been talking about composting and reducing food waste (which is what I am mostly focusing on this week) but I actually learnt some new information to do with what you can and can't recycle and I thought I would share it with you!

When it comes to recycling various plastics we have always gone by the packets themselves and followed the guidance of the product, but as Karen kindly pointed out, you CAN actually recycle some of these and it's down to your individual council as to whether or not you can/can't.

I've been checking out the Green Suffolk website which has an awesome VIDEO showing exactly what you CAN recycle and believe me, you may be shocked - I was! Go check it out!

Stay tuned to find out how my week goes and how I get involved in composting with my neighbours!