Wednesday, 3 September 2014

JJ Cole - Baby Changing Bag Review

A while ago now we were sent a JJ Cole baby changing bag to review. I'd been using various bags prior to receiving this one but I'd not had a stylish mummy bag before!

On first impressions of the changing bag I found that is extremely well made and the fabric is nice and strong (I've had others that are too soft and flimsy making them a nightmare to find things inside, but this is strong and holds up)

The design is very regal and goes with any pushchair we take out which is great and the straps that attach to the handles are genius, I love being able to hang it off our Xplory and it makes easy access to whatever you need from all the pockets.

Outside the bag there is 4 big open pockets which are deep and spacious, we use these for spare bibs/spoons,muslins and things we need quick access to.
 There are two pockets at either end of the bag for holding bottles/juice cups etc - they are also nice and roomy and take any sized bottle.
 The two pockets on the outside are zipped and perfect for holding dummies, creams, spare change.

Inside the bag its HUGE! there are 2 big deep pockets on either side leaving the middle of the bag clear and extremely spacious, we have got a lot into our bag, you seem to be able to keep filling it! I could even say this would do well as a twin changing bag due to the space.

There's the option of having the handles (which are permanently attached) or the shoulder strap which is detachable a fab feature but we tend to just have the little handles as mostly the bag is
hung from the buggy)

We use ours daily and its a great hard wearing bag that I can see lasting years. We are very happy with it and would definitely recommend it to others if its style as well as space you are looking for.

Find out about JJ Cole HERE and see the designs that are available!

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