Monday, 1 September 2014

Zero Waste Week 2014 - Know your plastics!

So today marked the beginning of Zero Waste Week and my good friend and rubbish guru Karen, popped round for an educational visit as promised!

We had previously been talking about composting and reducing food waste (which is what I am mostly focusing on this week) but I actually learnt some new information to do with what you can and can't recycle and I thought I would share it with you!

When it comes to recycling various plastics we have always gone by the packets themselves and followed the guidance of the product, but as Karen kindly pointed out, you CAN actually recycle some of these and it's down to your individual council as to whether or not you can/can't.

I've been checking out the Green Suffolk website which has an awesome VIDEO showing exactly what you CAN recycle and believe me, you may be shocked - I was! Go check it out!

Stay tuned to find out how my week goes and how I get involved in composting with my neighbours!

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