Saturday, 18 October 2014

Flarey-Marey Autumn with HMS

This is not really a baby related post - it's an 'oh no it's nearly winter' type post.

My HMS is awful, depressing and restricting. I'm so fed up with it at the moment, it can feel so isolating and with 2 children to look after (one that doesn't walk and needs to be carried it's hard)

My doctor has started me on new meds which work by targeting your nervous system and changing the way the pain is interpreted by your brain but I'm only 2 weeks in and its making me really sleepy and slightly nauseous and I'm on a very low dose! The doctor wants me to increase it slowly over time so I'm hoping my body adjusts.

In terms of the pain they are helping, I'm taking less cocodamol and tizanidine which is a good thing. My new bed is beginning to help as I've started adjusting to it and having my legs raised really takes the pressure off my lower back. My hands haven't been working as they should though with is stopping me doing certain things.

The rain is the main culprit, I don't know why but I can always tell that its been raining in the morning before i even open my eyes!

So i know this is a bit of a pitiful post but I wanted you to know the reason that Ive not been posting as much recently.

Good posts to come though as Bee turns 1 next month!

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