Monday, 20 October 2014

Pokemon Lightning Attack Pikachu - Review

Pika Pika!

Pikachu happens to be daddy's favourite Pokemon so he was just as excited as Rocket to review the new Pokemon Lightning Attack Pikachu from TOMY!

Pikachu comes with a shoulder harness that allows him to sit on your shoulder ready for battle. He fires out little yellow foam discs as fast as you want them by gently pulling Pikachu's ear.

Pikachu also makes lots of noises (including some angry sounds, perfect for battling other Pokemon!)

Rocket absolutely loves playing with this toy which is great although it would benefit from having some more foam discs with it as you cannot use anything else to fire out of Pikachu and being a young boy he has lost a few - it would be handy to buy a spare pack.

Loading the foam discs can be a little fiddly but then again he is only 4 and a half, he manages it though!

The harness I think is made for the older child as we had problems with is sliding off from Pikachu's weight, even when we tightened it as much as possible.

Rocket jumps at the chance to go in the garden and shoot daddy with the discs and it has kept I'm busy for hours so its won points in our minds! I feel this would be a great Christmas present for any Pokemon lover!

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