Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Testosterone X 2

Grayson on his trike. Definition of "boy": noise with dirt on it. 

When Andrew came to be a permanent fixture in my life, he was 4 years old. He was a shy little guy, but if you talked about monster trucks, or anything with 4 wheels for that matter, he was your best friend. When I became pregnant with Cassie about a year and a half later, I was petrified. Sure, I knew what to do with a small boy, but what do you do with a baby? And especially a premature one at that??? (She was 6 weeks early). Turns out I was fine. When I had Sydney almost exactly 3 years later, I had it under control. Cassie may be my tomboy, but there was still some slight girlishness involved, and when it came to Sydney, you couldn't GET more girly. So when Grayson was born 17 months after her, I had quite a bit of a jolt when we found out he was a boy.

Living with Andrew for a majority of the time (he is with us all week, and sees his mother every other weekend and wednesday nights for dinner), I thought I was completely prepared for the boyhood. And at first, I was! Grayson likes trucks and things that go too (his favorite is a "wee-ooo", which is his word for anything that has a siren)! He likes to get dirty! See, I got this! Well, turns out these last couple of weeks have been quite the test.

Imagine your life with a toddler boy, tornado and all. NOW add in a teenage boy. Thats right, Andrew is now 13 years old. There are days I want to rip my hair out. In Andrew's case, its homework woes, cell phone habits, video game restrictions, and a sometimes bad attitude. And the smell? What IS that?? I think his clothes can walk on their own, especially since its a fight to have him even look at a washing machine. "Yes Andrew, you HAVE to wash the clothes". "No it is NOT ok to wear something 3 days in a row". Those are just sample sentences I say regularly.

With Grayson, its the opposite spectrum at 2, almost 3 years old. He has exploded in chatter. He used to be so quiet, but since all the kids have started school, and he is the only one in the house, his vocabulary has improved immensely. He has also become very mischievous. He plays tricks on his sisters, he tries to make me laugh constantly, and he pretends to burp after each meal. It is unfortunately a fight now with potty training. Some days he wants to, other days he wants nothing to do with it. I guess that is now common knowledge to me: boys don't care if they are gross.

Although they are so many years apart, what brings them together is their bonding over fart noises and the words  "butt"and "poop". UGH. Boys: its not that funny.

With all that said, one thing has not changed with these 2: their sweetness. Andrew still cares for his siblings (mostly) and goes out of his way to make them laugh. Even though we sometimes fight (YES! Cutting your nails is a necessity!), he still finds away to make me laugh too. Grayson is still a huge mama's boy, one that constantly cuddles with me, hates to be separated from me, and still carries his "chewy" everywhere (Aden and Anais swaddles he's had since he was born).

Don't ever change boys. Well, please stop saying "poop".


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