Sunday, 2 November 2014

Goblins and Ghouls

I've been told that Halloween is not that big in the UK, but in the states, it is a huge affair! Some parents start planning their costumes weeks, sometimes even months in advance. There are parades, parties, and get togethers all leading up to the main event, and even more on the actual day. For the ones without children, it is a huge drinking holiday. For me, it was running from sun up to sundown, and even later.

This year was no exception on the craziness. I had picked up a costume for Grayson, Monsters University's Sully, and he refused to wear it. Maybe because it was heavy, maybe because it was fuzzy, who knows. All I know was that he was not wearing it. I ended up having to scramble to figure out a new one for him last minute. Luckily, I was able to put together a Where's Waldo costume from what I already had in the house.
Grayson watching Sydney's concert, as Waldo from Where's Waldo

Sydney is my clothes horse, so she changed costumes multiple times. She wanted to be a ladybug at school for her concert and parade, and Elsa when it came to the actual trick or treating. (Sully costume ended up being worn by her earlier in the week at another party). The concert was adorable. She is usually very quiet, but in her pre-k class singing songs, she seemed to be the loudest 4 year old there! She was so proud of herself. And yes, I teared up a bit. I am a huge softy.
Sydney (2nd from left) singing 

My ladybug in the school parade
Cassie was her usual Power Ranger self. She was the easy one. The only request was that she wanted to be a "boy" one. Suit yourself, kid. Whatever makes you happy!

Cassie always being the life of the party
Andrew was a character from Adventure Time. Being a teenager, I doubt that he will be trick or treating / dressing up after this year. I would say maybe half of the class actually dressed up, so I am pretty confident on my thinking that he is done. He didn't go trick or treating with us, he went with his friends. He's too cool for us.

The elusive teenager. Don't make direct eye contact.
Since it was so cold, the kids had to layer up underneath the costumes, which made them uncomfortable slightly, but they still ran around getting as much candy as they could! This was Grayson's first year really realizing what was happening, so that made it really fun. Think about it: at 2 years old it doesn't make much sense to just walk up to people's doors and ask for candy, but after 2 houses he got it and was running with the rest of the kids.
Trick or Treating in the 'hood
Happy Halloween! (The Elsa costume change)

They crashed pretty early that night, despite the sugar rushes. Halloween is tiring but it is one of my favorite things to do with my kids! My stomach hates me for trying to shove so much extra candy in it (I'm on a runner's diet usually), but I am just getting ready for Thanksgiving :)


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