Friday, 11 December 2015

Selfie Clothing! Review for Kids Tshirts

Christmas is almost here and we are getting into the festive mood in our household!

As anyone who know us, know our family are not camera shy! So when we were offered the chance to review a tshirt with a selfie on for the boys, we jumped at the chance - and what'
s better than being a Christmas theme!

Selfie Clothing provide tshirts and sweatshirts of different categories - all designed with the selfie in mind!

We chose to review the Twinkle and Jolly designs on the boys.

The customer service was great and they came quickly in a neat presented box.

The print was slightly different to how it was presented on the website, it has a much more faded appearance whereas the photos on the website suggest its more vibrant and the actual tshirt is white on the website and looks more cream and vintage looking - so if its a more rustic appearance you are looking for you will be happy.

The tshirts were also a little hard to get over the boys heads as the head hole was quite small (or maybe my boys just have giant heads! who knows!)

However they loved the idea of having their face made into and elf!

You can see the various designs HERE

The tshirts were sent to review in exchange for an honest review.

Oops Moments With Tena - Girls Night In!

Having HMS whilst also having had 2 children I'm finding that my pelvic just isn't what it used to be!

I never knew that my Hypermobility Syndrome could affect my bladder until I was waiting to see a specialist in London and they handed me a leaflet asking if people with HMS would be willing to join in a medical investigation for it - because it affects the muscles.

What i feel was an embarrassing subject growing up is now not as embarrassing, especially knowing that it happens to a lot of women after giving birth especially and thanks to Tena we can be safe knowing any little oops moments are taken care of!

A little while ago Tena invited me to an event to have a girls night which sadly I couldn't attend and it sounded like such good fun but they kindly sent me a girls night in pack to enjoy with my friends (who happened to be my mum and our good friend Julie)

We had a great time chatting about our Oops moments, like the time I left home to go out with my friend and my top was inside out with the label sticking out and I had no clue until my friend pointed it out (one of those ground swallowing moments the same as when your zip is down on your jeans!)

I think its important to know that little leaks may affect women of all ages (in my case when associated with a joint condition) and also the physical and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and child birth can increase the risk associated with leakage - there are exercises you can do to help strengthen your pelvic floor HERE.

Thank you to Tena for sending the girls night in pack, we had a good laugh :0)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Oyster Reach - Beefeater Grill Review

On Sunday we had the opportunity to go for a meal at our local Beefeater restaurant in Ipswich.
 We went along with my parents and both children for a family meal (even though going out with an almost 2 year old strikes fear right through me!)

 When we were pulling up to the restaurant we were a little worried as from the outside it looks quite run down and empty but as we came into the car park we could see the Beefeater signs it started to look more promising. The parking was very good and also had very good disabled access.

Inside it was lovely and spacious, had a friendly atmosphere and the worries from seeing the outside of the building disappeared.

We waited at the front desk for someone to come seat us and we were taken to a nice area with a big wide table but although I had asked for a highchair twice i had to wait a while for one to be brought, which is hard to hold a 35lb wriggly toddler.

Once everyone was sat down the boys were given Mr men activity pads with crayons which kept them amused and our waitress came to take our drinks order.

There was a wide range of foods on the menu to cater for everybodys tastes so we had no problem finding dishes we liked!

We did find it was busy in our area but the rest of the restaurant seemed empty. We had to wait quite a while for the food order to be taken and then the food to come (the waitress and everyone else we saw were very polite and friendly, it just seemed to take a long while which is awkward when you have small children to entertain while they are getting hungry).

The food itself wasn't the hottest it could have been but was tasty - the children's menu was brilliant, I felt there was lots of choice for the fussiest of eaters and found the option of changing your sides brilliant as we could really tailor the meal to the individual child.

The deserts were very good, I couldn't fault them! everyone left feeling satisfied and stuffed.

The toilets although they smelt a bit 'fusty' , were very clean and well looked

I would recommend the Oyster Reach Beefeater as a good family friendly place to go, just perhaps at a less busy time.

You can find their website HERE.

Photos by Aaron Weight
*We were given vouchers towards the cost of our meal in return for an honest review.

Monday, 31 August 2015

The Swallow Brewer's Fayre - Ipswich - Review

A few weeks ago we were invited to go test out the new Beano play area for kids at the Brewers Fayre restaurant in Ipswich.

Off we went with one very excited 5 year old and also Bee ;) who doesn't quite understand yet!

The new Beano kids play area is a large room on its own down the end of the restaurant which has its own bar, seating
area, soft play area as well as a separate party area for the little ones.

I was really impressed with the soft play area, it seemed just big enough for the kids to have a good play and it seem not to just be the usual play area style.

There is a section for the smaller ones too which was great for Bee to get out and explore - this was the first time he had gone down a slide all by himself and he absolutely loved it!

Rocket was off for about 40 minutes climbing and sliding! He had such a fun time.

Everything about the Play area was exciting and designed for the kids. Bright
and bold comic print and fun carpet - I was impressed with the decor.

The only thing we found was that it was very hot being summer, there didn't seem to be any air con or fans and all the hyped up child energy made it very humid and warm but that wouldn't put me off re visiting.

The food was fresh and hot and we all had a great time - we would definitely recommend Brewer's Fayre in Ipswich for a great family meal out.

For more information please visit HERE.

Photography by Aaron Weight.

We were invited to experience the new play area in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Suffolk Show!

Today we were lucky enough to go to the Suffolk Show, we haven't been in a couple of years so I was really excited and booked Bee into nursery so we could spend the morning focussing on Rocket!

Rocket was in his element being able to sit on the ride ons and having so much freedom. It's lucky there were no batteries in this car or he would have driven off!

I liked that because we got there so early there were hardly any queues - by the time we left at lunchtime you could hardly move for people everywhere!

There were lots of characters for Rocket to talk and have photos with which was cool and he really enjoys it - I however would have been terrified as a child!

A great time was had by all but we had to rush home for Bee as he was suffering from seperation anxiety a bit too much but thats another post!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Slimming world (again!)

After fighting for years to be referred to Addenbrookes for gastric bypass surgery and finally getting funding for their clinic I made the extremely hard decision that it was not what was best for me and decided to join Slimming World for the last time and to do it myself without surgery.

It was not a decision I made easily but I do believe it will be whats best even if it is  very slow and long journey, I know I  can do it!

Its now week 3! my first week I lost 2.5lbs and I do admit I was a little disappointed but it is so hard going from other 'diets' that use ketosis as a weight loss tool and losing 8-10lbs in the first week I should mention that whenever I have done that i have never maintained the loss)

the second week I lost another 2.5lbs, again it felt slow but I've been eating loads so its great to know that the pounds I had lost was proper fat - I also won Slimmer of the Week, it was a big surprise and put a smile on my face!

This week i lost 2lbs earning me my half stone award which I am happy with! though this week is a bit of a challenge food wise so I may not lose next week but as long as I maintain I will be happy :)

All in all I'm loving Slimming world, I'm enjoying the food and the support from my new friends in group is fantastic :)

Neglectful Blog Mummy!

Gahhhh where do I start?!

It's been a while since I blogged properly, it's been a wierd couple of months really and it's so easy to let the blog just sit there gathering dust.

Bee has been quite poorly on and off and for most of may we were stuck home while Bee had tonsillitis and a double ear infection that caused one of my most stressful days as a parent!

I ended up driving him to the out of hours up the hospital at 3am as the screaming was so constant and he couldn't even recognise us it was that bad - luckily the anti biotics cleared it up and a week and a half on he seems back to his old self.

 Rocket is shooting up, I've just had to buy him new school uniform as his polo shirt's exposed his tummy haha  lanky boy like his daddy.

More to update but I'll post them separately!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hypermobility problems - Sprained Ankle

So we are going back a few weeks now, I haven't been well enough to jump on the computer until now and I have a lot to catch up on!

Less than 48 hours before we were due to fly to Egypt I took Rocket to get a much needed pre-holiday hair cut.. It was a cold day and due to it being a market day I had to park further than I usually would as I have problems walking too far.

I had promised Rocket a Burger King as a treat after his haircut and Ma Ma was at my house looking after Bee so it was nice to get a bit of Rocket and me alone time.

Off we went almost rushing as it was close to the appointment time and we got literally 20 steps from the hairdressers and my ankle gave way.. I'm used to having weak ankles as I suffer with my HMS but usually i manage to catch it and not hurt myself but this time it was different.

I felt my ligaments rip and it was an intense pain. There were people walking past and stopped to ask if I was OK.. I tried to take a step and brush it off as I was embarrassed but my foot couldn't even touch the floor - that's when I knew I would need the ambulance.

It was strange as I was pain free for about 3 or 4 minutes, I think I went into shock, i felt very lightheaded and queasy, luckily the ladies from a shop opposite came and gave me a cup of water and called the ambulance. They were very caring to Rocket who was a bit frightened despite my reassurance.

The paramedic car turned up and the lady was asking questions when all off a sudden
the pain kicked in and she gave me gas and air (i never thought I'd need gas and air again as i was done having babies!) it took the edge off anyway and made me numb to the fact people were staring at me in the middle of town.

The shop ladies gave Rocket some chocolate and the paramedic put Rocket in her car as it started to rain , i let him take my phone to play games on.

When the ambulance came they put me on a stretcher, much to my embarrassment and Rocket and I were off to hospital.

The gas and air had made me feel quite sick.. that and i don't travel well as a passenger anyway! At this point I was hysterically upset that I had ruined the holiday and in between sucking my gas and air i was wailing down the phone to my mum (and dad) with tears everywhere.. poor Rocket!

I was sent off for an xray which luckily showed no break (although I kind of knew it wouldn't as i didn't feel a break, only a tear)

I have some amazing friends too, I really do! My friend turned up with her 5 week old baby to make sure I was OK and brought things for Rocket and looked after him when I went for my xray and another friend picked us up and went to get my car to drive us home (via the Burger King I had promised Rocket!)

I had been given crutches but i refused to use them after one day as they hurt my other joints too much.

Flying to Egypt was painful but luckily I'm used to hiding my pain so it didn't bother the others. I was able to walk on my foot for the holiday but it did hurt and itch alot!

its now 24 days since I injured it, there's minimal swelling now, just a strange lump and its quite stiff but I start physio this week so should get sorted out!

Unfortunately I think my ankle will be weaker forever now, i had problems walking before but the doctor has said its a high probability this could happen again but i bloody hope not!

Oh and Rocket finally got his hair cut on holiday so it all worked out in the end!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Imprint on your heart - Review

I'm a sucker for personalised jewelry, I have seen some gorgeous pieces out there but most of them come with a hefty price tag - which I'm unable to afford with being a sahm..

When I came across a lady on Facebook who uses lasers to put photos, handwriting and other sentimental content onto jewelry but for the fraction of the price I was really intrigued to find out more.

After thinking long and hard I decided on having a hand print each of the boys, shrunk down and placed onto a pendant with their initials on.

Once you have ordered and payed via paypal, a free inkless wipe kit is sent out to you for you to be able to capture a hand or foot (or both of your child) onto special paper - even with wiggly Bee this wasn't too difficult and we were able to get a couple of prints from both boys.

Best of all is there is no mess to clean up and we used baby wipes after to just make sure it was all off their hands.

Once you are all set and the hand prints have developed on the paper - a bit like a Polaroid! I took a photo of the
prints and sent it back to be copied and lasered on to my pendant.

After a couple of weeks (and a sneak preview) my piece came through the post - it was beautiful and still had a protective film over which you peel off revealing a shiny, fingerprint free glossy finish of stainless steel.

The detail is amazing and for the price of £20 it's a piece that I can keep forever and am able to create pieces for others - there are all different options, from cuff links to key chains, all unique to you!

My dad actually liked my necklace so much I gave it to him and bought another pendant for myself in a different shape, using the same prints!

If you want to go check out Imprint on your heart you can by clicking HERE,

***I was given £5 off my first order to write an honest review.

TOMY - The First Years Digital Baby Monitor TFV600 Review

Bee is now 15 months old and a digital baby monitor is something we never got round to buying for him and I must admit I do get antsy not being able to see him in the evenings while he is sleeping and we are watching a film or cooking..

Especially now he is that bit older, he is a little rascal and the worry actually increases! My biggest fear is him climbing out of his travel cot (which he hasn't so far but is not long off the age that his brother was able to!)

We were sent the TOMY the First Years Digital baby monitor to review (the model TFV600) and my first thoughts were how big the parent uni
t is, its huge compared to others I'd seen in the past!

Inside the box is the parent unit and the camera - I'll start with the parent unit :

It has a 2.4 inch colour screen which is very clear quality. On the screen you also have a temperature display showing the temperature of where the camera is (I find this extremely handy as I have a condenser tumble drier in my bedroom, where Bee sleeps so it's super handy for me to be able to keep on top of how warm the room is)

The night vision is equally as clear, i was actually pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect to see as much as I actually could! I love that there are so many different options with this monitor and all controllable from the parent unit itself.

Nightlight : This is a great function, there is a white nightlight on the camera unit and it is accessible either from the camera itself or through the settings on the parent unit, so if baby falls asleep in daylight but it gets dark its a nice plus to be able to switch it on or if baby wakes in the night. It's not particularly bright, its more of a comfort to the child I find, I wouldn't be able to use it as a light to do a nappy in the dark for instance.

Music : There are 3 options on there for different music to play to your little one. Its nice and clear, however I only found one of the lullaby's relaxing and useful for sleep time, the other two are upbeat and faster tempos but good to use if baby needs entertainment when they wake up.

Two Way Talk back : I love that you have the option to calm your baby by talking to them if they are in a different room, the sound is clear although a slight delay however it just scared Bee (15 months) as he could hear me and not see me so got confused!

For the older child you have the option to turn the sound off but still be alerted to crying or noise by the lights on the parent unit which is a great option, especially if you are watching a film in the evening and still have the peace of mind to see what is going on.

You have the option to zoom in to see baby closer, but your camera has to be adjusted just right to be able to use this function or you ll end up close up on a hand or something!

The camera unit is fabulous, you can use it freestanding or have it mounted
to the wall - we have used it both ways depending on where we have it. I love that the camera is adjustable so it is easy to position even at hard angles.

There is a little microphone on the camera which transmits the sound, we find the sound is good and clear 0 no problems there.

The only thing we have found (or so the hubby says) is that when we are using the baby monitor it interferes with our wifi connection on the home
Internet, my husband is convinced its because of the monitor but we live in a small bungalow so it could be positioning, i don't know - that or a coincidence but I thought it was worth mentioning..

The parent unit is rechargeable which is great as I can take it in different rooms without worrying about leads.

You can also use the stand on the parent unit or clip to your belt for easy access.

We have used the monitor to keep an eye on my eldest while he is outside in the garden too, I find this helps me enormously as even though he is old enough to be trusted more, he's still only little and I can hear him and talk
to him on the monitor too...

Also as the boys will be sharing a room when Bee moves to a bed there will be another great reason to be able to see how they are and make sure he is safe.

The Monitor retails at £99.99 and do I think its worth it? yes. In my opinion this is a great monitor, clear, multi functional and a great night cam too.. you can find out more from TOMY.

We were sent this monitor to review and write honest thoughts on.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Home Made Posh Chocolate - on a budget!

First off let me tell you I am no food blogger, I'm not a chef and I don't even pretend to cook.. But I wanted to share with you one little trick I have learnt!

I have a house full of chocolate lovers and my husband happens to love
Cadbury's Marvellous Creations chocolate but wishes they would bring out more varieties - plus they are quite costly so I thought I would try to make my own version but with Tescos own chocolate at 30p a bar and using cupboard ingredients from previous cake making etc.


The ingredients used.

1: Melt your chocolate - I do this in the microwave but be very careful not to burn it. If you keep stirring the chunks it will all melt together nicely.

You can temper your chocolate if you wish so it doesn't melt easy but I don't bother as it gets eaten so quick and straight from the freezer!

2: Spread your chocolate out onto baking paper (so it easy to remove after) try to thin it out unless you like the chocolate really thick but remember we are adding more chocolate on top plus extras!

3: Melt the white chocolate the same as the last batch - I chose white but you can use dark chocolate for this if you prefer :)

4: Drizzle, pour or splash your white chocolate on, be creative and do whatever you feel like! I decided to marble effect mine by pouring the white over then gently running the spoon over and swirling together.

5: Once you've added all the chocolate, add the extras you have chosen - I used pretzels for the saltiness, mini marshmallows, popping candy, neon sugar pieces and red raspberry fudge bits. Don't worry to much about presentation as you'll be breaking it apart soon anyway!

6: I put the entire lot into the freezer for an hour or so to set and make the next part easier. Take a sharp knife and cut into pieces - don't panic if it breaks apart naturally, the pieces can be all different sizes. Be careful not to handle the pieces too much if you haven't tempered your chocolate as it will melt fast on hands.

7: Finally you can divide the pieces into Small freezer bags - we use very small bags and put around 5 pieces in each and pop into the freezer again. This way, when anyone wants a yummy treat there's a portion already in the freezer and you don't end up eating a whole bar as it is rationed. This is also a fab idea for a home made gift or something you can do with the kids as it is so easy and customisable! Enjoy!