Thursday, 22 January 2015

Home Made Posh Chocolate - on a budget!

First off let me tell you I am no food blogger, I'm not a chef and I don't even pretend to cook.. But I wanted to share with you one little trick I have learnt!

I have a house full of chocolate lovers and my husband happens to love
Cadbury's Marvellous Creations chocolate but wishes they would bring out more varieties - plus they are quite costly so I thought I would try to make my own version but with Tescos own chocolate at 30p a bar and using cupboard ingredients from previous cake making etc.


The ingredients used.

1: Melt your chocolate - I do this in the microwave but be very careful not to burn it. If you keep stirring the chunks it will all melt together nicely.

You can temper your chocolate if you wish so it doesn't melt easy but I don't bother as it gets eaten so quick and straight from the freezer!

2: Spread your chocolate out onto baking paper (so it easy to remove after) try to thin it out unless you like the chocolate really thick but remember we are adding more chocolate on top plus extras!

3: Melt the white chocolate the same as the last batch - I chose white but you can use dark chocolate for this if you prefer :)

4: Drizzle, pour or splash your white chocolate on, be creative and do whatever you feel like! I decided to marble effect mine by pouring the white over then gently running the spoon over and swirling together.

5: Once you've added all the chocolate, add the extras you have chosen - I used pretzels for the saltiness, mini marshmallows, popping candy, neon sugar pieces and red raspberry fudge bits. Don't worry to much about presentation as you'll be breaking it apart soon anyway!

6: I put the entire lot into the freezer for an hour or so to set and make the next part easier. Take a sharp knife and cut into pieces - don't panic if it breaks apart naturally, the pieces can be all different sizes. Be careful not to handle the pieces too much if you haven't tempered your chocolate as it will melt fast on hands.

7: Finally you can divide the pieces into Small freezer bags - we use very small bags and put around 5 pieces in each and pop into the freezer again. This way, when anyone wants a yummy treat there's a portion already in the freezer and you don't end up eating a whole bar as it is rationed. This is also a fab idea for a home made gift or something you can do with the kids as it is so easy and customisable! Enjoy!

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