Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Imprint on your heart - Review

I'm a sucker for personalised jewelry, I have seen some gorgeous pieces out there but most of them come with a hefty price tag - which I'm unable to afford with being a sahm..

When I came across a lady on Facebook who uses lasers to put photos, handwriting and other sentimental content onto jewelry but for the fraction of the price I was really intrigued to find out more.

After thinking long and hard I decided on having a hand print each of the boys, shrunk down and placed onto a pendant with their initials on.

Once you have ordered and payed via paypal, a free inkless wipe kit is sent out to you for you to be able to capture a hand or foot (or both of your child) onto special paper - even with wiggly Bee this wasn't too difficult and we were able to get a couple of prints from both boys.

Best of all is there is no mess to clean up and we used baby wipes after to just make sure it was all off their hands.

Once you are all set and the hand prints have developed on the paper - a bit like a Polaroid! I took a photo of the
prints and sent it back to be copied and lasered on to my pendant.

After a couple of weeks (and a sneak preview) my piece came through the post - it was beautiful and still had a protective film over which you peel off revealing a shiny, fingerprint free glossy finish of stainless steel.

The detail is amazing and for the price of £20 it's a piece that I can keep forever and am able to create pieces for others - there are all different options, from cuff links to key chains, all unique to you!

My dad actually liked my necklace so much I gave it to him and bought another pendant for myself in a different shape, using the same prints!

If you want to go check out Imprint on your heart you can by clicking HERE,

***I was given £5 off my first order to write an honest review.

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