Tuesday, 24 February 2015

TOMY - The First Years Digital Baby Monitor TFV600 Review

Bee is now 15 months old and a digital baby monitor is something we never got round to buying for him and I must admit I do get antsy not being able to see him in the evenings while he is sleeping and we are watching a film or cooking..

Especially now he is that bit older, he is a little rascal and the worry actually increases! My biggest fear is him climbing out of his travel cot (which he hasn't so far but is not long off the age that his brother was able to!)

We were sent the TOMY the First Years Digital baby monitor to review (the model TFV600) and my first thoughts were how big the parent uni
t is, its huge compared to others I'd seen in the past!

Inside the box is the parent unit and the camera - I'll start with the parent unit :

It has a 2.4 inch colour screen which is very clear quality. On the screen you also have a temperature display showing the temperature of where the camera is (I find this extremely handy as I have a condenser tumble drier in my bedroom, where Bee sleeps so it's super handy for me to be able to keep on top of how warm the room is)

The night vision is equally as clear, i was actually pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect to see as much as I actually could! I love that there are so many different options with this monitor and all controllable from the parent unit itself.

Nightlight : This is a great function, there is a white nightlight on the camera unit and it is accessible either from the camera itself or through the settings on the parent unit, so if baby falls asleep in daylight but it gets dark its a nice plus to be able to switch it on or if baby wakes in the night. It's not particularly bright, its more of a comfort to the child I find, I wouldn't be able to use it as a light to do a nappy in the dark for instance.

Music : There are 3 options on there for different music to play to your little one. Its nice and clear, however I only found one of the lullaby's relaxing and useful for sleep time, the other two are upbeat and faster tempos but good to use if baby needs entertainment when they wake up.

Two Way Talk back : I love that you have the option to calm your baby by talking to them if they are in a different room, the sound is clear although a slight delay however it just scared Bee (15 months) as he could hear me and not see me so got confused!

For the older child you have the option to turn the sound off but still be alerted to crying or noise by the lights on the parent unit which is a great option, especially if you are watching a film in the evening and still have the peace of mind to see what is going on.

You have the option to zoom in to see baby closer, but your camera has to be adjusted just right to be able to use this function or you ll end up close up on a hand or something!

The camera unit is fabulous, you can use it freestanding or have it mounted
to the wall - we have used it both ways depending on where we have it. I love that the camera is adjustable so it is easy to position even at hard angles.

There is a little microphone on the camera which transmits the sound, we find the sound is good and clear 0 no problems there.

The only thing we have found (or so the hubby says) is that when we are using the baby monitor it interferes with our wifi connection on the home
Internet, my husband is convinced its because of the monitor but we live in a small bungalow so it could be positioning, i don't know - that or a coincidence but I thought it was worth mentioning..

The parent unit is rechargeable which is great as I can take it in different rooms without worrying about leads.

You can also use the stand on the parent unit or clip to your belt for easy access.

We have used the monitor to keep an eye on my eldest while he is outside in the garden too, I find this helps me enormously as even though he is old enough to be trusted more, he's still only little and I can hear him and talk
to him on the monitor too...

Also as the boys will be sharing a room when Bee moves to a bed there will be another great reason to be able to see how they are and make sure he is safe.

The Monitor retails at £99.99 and do I think its worth it? yes. In my opinion this is a great monitor, clear, multi functional and a great night cam too.. you can find out more from TOMY.

We were sent this monitor to review and write honest thoughts on.

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