Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hypermobility problems - Sprained Ankle

So we are going back a few weeks now, I haven't been well enough to jump on the computer until now and I have a lot to catch up on!

Less than 48 hours before we were due to fly to Egypt I took Rocket to get a much needed pre-holiday hair cut.. It was a cold day and due to it being a market day I had to park further than I usually would as I have problems walking too far.

I had promised Rocket a Burger King as a treat after his haircut and Ma Ma was at my house looking after Bee so it was nice to get a bit of Rocket and me alone time.

Off we went almost rushing as it was close to the appointment time and we got literally 20 steps from the hairdressers and my ankle gave way.. I'm used to having weak ankles as I suffer with my HMS but usually i manage to catch it and not hurt myself but this time it was different.

I felt my ligaments rip and it was an intense pain. There were people walking past and stopped to ask if I was OK.. I tried to take a step and brush it off as I was embarrassed but my foot couldn't even touch the floor - that's when I knew I would need the ambulance.

It was strange as I was pain free for about 3 or 4 minutes, I think I went into shock, i felt very lightheaded and queasy, luckily the ladies from a shop opposite came and gave me a cup of water and called the ambulance. They were very caring to Rocket who was a bit frightened despite my reassurance.

The paramedic car turned up and the lady was asking questions when all off a sudden
the pain kicked in and she gave me gas and air (i never thought I'd need gas and air again as i was done having babies!) it took the edge off anyway and made me numb to the fact people were staring at me in the middle of town.

The shop ladies gave Rocket some chocolate and the paramedic put Rocket in her car as it started to rain , i let him take my phone to play games on.

When the ambulance came they put me on a stretcher, much to my embarrassment and Rocket and I were off to hospital.

The gas and air had made me feel quite sick.. that and i don't travel well as a passenger anyway! At this point I was hysterically upset that I had ruined the holiday and in between sucking my gas and air i was wailing down the phone to my mum (and dad) with tears everywhere.. poor Rocket!

I was sent off for an xray which luckily showed no break (although I kind of knew it wouldn't as i didn't feel a break, only a tear)

I have some amazing friends too, I really do! My friend turned up with her 5 week old baby to make sure I was OK and brought things for Rocket and looked after him when I went for my xray and another friend picked us up and went to get my car to drive us home (via the Burger King I had promised Rocket!)

I had been given crutches but i refused to use them after one day as they hurt my other joints too much.

Flying to Egypt was painful but luckily I'm used to hiding my pain so it didn't bother the others. I was able to walk on my foot for the holiday but it did hurt and itch alot!

its now 24 days since I injured it, there's minimal swelling now, just a strange lump and its quite stiff but I start physio this week so should get sorted out!

Unfortunately I think my ankle will be weaker forever now, i had problems walking before but the doctor has said its a high probability this could happen again but i bloody hope not!

Oh and Rocket finally got his hair cut on holiday so it all worked out in the end!

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  1. Get well soon!I wish you a speedy recovery.You are so blessed to have such supportive friends.I hope you don't get to experience it again.