Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Suffolk Show!

Today we were lucky enough to go to the Suffolk Show, we haven't been in a couple of years so I was really excited and booked Bee into nursery so we could spend the morning focussing on Rocket!

Rocket was in his element being able to sit on the ride ons and having so much freedom. It's lucky there were no batteries in this car or he would have driven off!

I liked that because we got there so early there were hardly any queues - by the time we left at lunchtime you could hardly move for people everywhere!

There were lots of characters for Rocket to talk and have photos with which was cool and he really enjoys it - I however would have been terrified as a child!

A great time was had by all but we had to rush home for Bee as he was suffering from seperation anxiety a bit too much but thats another post!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Slimming world (again!)

After fighting for years to be referred to Addenbrookes for gastric bypass surgery and finally getting funding for their clinic I made the extremely hard decision that it was not what was best for me and decided to join Slimming World for the last time and to do it myself without surgery.

It was not a decision I made easily but I do believe it will be whats best even if it is  very slow and long journey, I know I  can do it!

Its now week 3! my first week I lost 2.5lbs and I do admit I was a little disappointed but it is so hard going from other 'diets' that use ketosis as a weight loss tool and losing 8-10lbs in the first week I should mention that whenever I have done that i have never maintained the loss)

the second week I lost another 2.5lbs, again it felt slow but I've been eating loads so its great to know that the pounds I had lost was proper fat - I also won Slimmer of the Week, it was a big surprise and put a smile on my face!

This week i lost 2lbs earning me my half stone award which I am happy with! though this week is a bit of a challenge food wise so I may not lose next week but as long as I maintain I will be happy :)

All in all I'm loving Slimming world, I'm enjoying the food and the support from my new friends in group is fantastic :)

Neglectful Blog Mummy!

Gahhhh where do I start?!

It's been a while since I blogged properly, it's been a wierd couple of months really and it's so easy to let the blog just sit there gathering dust.

Bee has been quite poorly on and off and for most of may we were stuck home while Bee had tonsillitis and a double ear infection that caused one of my most stressful days as a parent!

I ended up driving him to the out of hours up the hospital at 3am as the screaming was so constant and he couldn't even recognise us it was that bad - luckily the anti biotics cleared it up and a week and a half on he seems back to his old self.

 Rocket is shooting up, I've just had to buy him new school uniform as his polo shirt's exposed his tummy haha  lanky boy like his daddy.

More to update but I'll post them separately!