Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Suffolk Show!

Today we were lucky enough to go to the Suffolk Show, we haven't been in a couple of years so I was really excited and booked Bee into nursery so we could spend the morning focussing on Rocket!

Rocket was in his element being able to sit on the ride ons and having so much freedom. It's lucky there were no batteries in this car or he would have driven off!

I liked that because we got there so early there were hardly any queues - by the time we left at lunchtime you could hardly move for people everywhere!

There were lots of characters for Rocket to talk and have photos with which was cool and he really enjoys it - I however would have been terrified as a child!

A great time was had by all but we had to rush home for Bee as he was suffering from seperation anxiety a bit too much but thats another post!

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  1. As glad you had a lovely time. Poor Bee. We have the same here but only a little. Glad rocket got his mummy fix though x