Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Oyster Reach - Beefeater Grill Review

On Sunday we had the opportunity to go for a meal at our local Beefeater restaurant in Ipswich.
 We went along with my parents and both children for a family meal (even though going out with an almost 2 year old strikes fear right through me!)

 When we were pulling up to the restaurant we were a little worried as from the outside it looks quite run down and empty but as we came into the car park we could see the Beefeater signs it started to look more promising. The parking was very good and also had very good disabled access.

Inside it was lovely and spacious, had a friendly atmosphere and the worries from seeing the outside of the building disappeared.

We waited at the front desk for someone to come seat us and we were taken to a nice area with a big wide table but although I had asked for a highchair twice i had to wait a while for one to be brought, which is hard to hold a 35lb wriggly toddler.

Once everyone was sat down the boys were given Mr men activity pads with crayons which kept them amused and our waitress came to take our drinks order.

There was a wide range of foods on the menu to cater for everybodys tastes so we had no problem finding dishes we liked!

We did find it was busy in our area but the rest of the restaurant seemed empty. We had to wait quite a while for the food order to be taken and then the food to come (the waitress and everyone else we saw were very polite and friendly, it just seemed to take a long while which is awkward when you have small children to entertain while they are getting hungry).

The food itself wasn't the hottest it could have been but was tasty - the children's menu was brilliant, I felt there was lots of choice for the fussiest of eaters and found the option of changing your sides brilliant as we could really tailor the meal to the individual child.

The deserts were very good, I couldn't fault them! everyone left feeling satisfied and stuffed.

The toilets although they smelt a bit 'fusty' , were very clean and well looked

I would recommend the Oyster Reach Beefeater as a good family friendly place to go, just perhaps at a less busy time.

You can find their website HERE.

Photos by Aaron Weight
*We were given vouchers towards the cost of our meal in return for an honest review.

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