Friday, 24 June 2016

Holiday & Pain Update

I finally got to go see my pain consultant again yesterday after a mix up - my last appointment was 7 months ago so this was well overneeded!

My pain has been through the roof! mostly my fibro pain but i've also injured my lower back and am struggling even walking through the pain.

My doctor has given me Lidocaine patches and is sending me for an MRI on my lower back then we will talk about if I want steriod injections into my back or not (sounds scary to me!)

This weekend is our holiday, i'm so excited to take the boys and to spend the weekend together with my parents too - I even have the spa booked for me and my mum for tomorrow night!!

Tactics are in place to help minimise Bee's distress, we have plans how to get him into swimming etc and we are taking the baby gates for the bedroom.

I'l be using a mobility scooter so I don't have to panic about pain and I'm hoping being in the water will give my back some relief - sad I won't be doing the water ride though!

So yes, thats whats happening and where we shall be, i'l be back next week to tell you how it went!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hope you and your kids have a great weekend. Back pain is awful. Hope you get some relief soon. And yes spa date! Jealous!