Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nursery Update - June 2016

Today I went and had a meeting at bees nursery to start his IEP. 

After all the worry surrounding nursery he seems to be settling in really well which makes me feel so much happier! He has the occasional wobble when I leave him but I've never been called back because of upset.

One thing that concerns me is that they haven't experienced all of his unpredictable behaviours (which in some ways is good - no one likes being bitten!) but it's a bit like a time bomb sitting there and every week I'm waiting for her to tell me that he's hurt someone! 

It took a good 5 weeks before our Homestart lady saw his behaviours but now it's frequent , maybe he's like that more when he feels safe or familiar.. Is that a thing?

At the moment he is only doing one morning a week but come September he shall be doing 3 days there. He needs it, I need it. He needs to learn to be away from me but that I will return for him because right now he's a bit too much of a cling on, sometimes I can't even stand up without him getting upset.

His speech is coming on loads in the past couple of weeks but he's still unable to talk back to you properly - he is trying to ask for things now though and asks 'where daddy gone?' Whilst he is at work.

We continue to use the visual prompt cards (which is part of the IEP) and they seem to be working well, he is most definitely a visual child!

So all in all I feel happy at the setting he is in and the steps they are taking to make him feel comfortable - now it's just the waiting for the MDA and the genetic blood test results!


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