Wednesday, 8 June 2016

To blog or not to blog?!

Ahhh where do I even begin?

To be honest I didn't think I would openly blog my feelings for a few reasons but one was worrying about people I know read it but to be honest if they are going to take pleasure over the difficulties we are going through then they really aren't worth worrying about.

2016 has been one of the hardest years for us to date, my dad discovered he had Cancer and needed a major op last month (which was successful but we are still waiting for the all clear) and Bee is currently awaiting a Multidisciplinary Assessment with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder so it has certainly not been smooth sailing.

Everything I knew about parenting has changed and we are learning to adapt to help Bee in the best way possible for him - but that is another post!

So for now I'll leave this here and I'll be back to explain some more of whats going on soon.


  1. Sorry to hear that 2016 is not treating you well so far :( Hope that your blog and support around you will carry you through the second half xx

  2. Thankyou Steph, I love that I've made so many new friends who are all so strong and supportive xx