Sunday, 24 July 2016

Primula Cheese! Summer Ideas!

We have always been Primula cheese fans in this household - I love how versatile it is for the kiddies and we regularly stir it into pasta or eat it on toast!

This summer we were given the challenge to come up with more ideas on how to make yummy recipies using a variety of delicious Primula flavours!

After really thinking about our favourite foods, and how we could make a plate of different snacks but still incorporating the cheesy goodness of Primula, we came up with the following!

First off we bought japanese style rice crackers (lightly salted) and used the Smoked Salmon Primula, on top of that we added some fresh smoked salmon and a sprinkle of spring onions. I was really impressed as they looked like something I could serve at a party and they tasted excellent too, I really enjoyed them.

We are all fans of crispy bacon so next we simply broke some rashers into small pieces and put a small blob of Original Primula on top of them for an extra punch of flavour - these went down really well!

My favourite creation of them all has to be my oozy Primula pastry balls!! So easy to make - I bought some pastry pre rolled and made a ball with a hole to squeeze the cheese in then baked with some grated cheese on top. These went down a treat for kids and adults alike!

All in all, we had a great time experimenting with flavours, there are so many things you can create with Primula, why don't you give it a try and see what YOU can come up with!

If you need some recipe inspiration then look no further! Just click HERE.

We were sent some Primula to come up with our yummy snacks!

Photos by Aaron Weight.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

SquarePeg Clothing Review

We were recently sent some Tshirts from Squarepeg clothing to review - perfect for my little man going through autism assessments this month!

Squarepeg was started by Lauren, whose children were diagnosed with Autism.

It is a charitable organisation through which you can donate to fund sensory sessions for disabled children and adults. To find out more about the sensory bus click HERE.

They have a range of clothing and accessories with unique slogans on to celebrate the fact that everyone is a square peg!

We chose Tshirts as its lovely and sunny - the tshirt that most stuck out for me was:

'The wheels on the bus go in nice straight lines' - this couldn't be more perfect for Bee! He sings this all the time and one of his ASD quirks is lining up toys!! I find it fun and it celebrates him!

Luke has a tee that says 'the A team #AutismAware to support his little brother.

 The tshirts are good sizes and wash well - we will be back to get some hoodies as summer comes to an end!

If you'd like to visit Squarepeg and purchase some awesome unique clothes for your square peg click HERE.

This is a review, we were sent 2 tshirts.

Center Parcs Elveden Forest Day! - July 2016

A couple of weeks ago we went to Center Parcs with my parents and we had been so excited for months only to be stuck in the villa banned from swimming and activities as Luke came out in chicken pox! (Of all the blooming weekends it could have happened!)

Today we went back just for the day to allow Luke to experience all the things he missed and it was amazing!

We got there close to 10:30 and the first thing we did after parking up was head up to the Pancake House for a brunch meal. Upon arrival I told the waitress about bees additional needs and she happily sat us in a quiet corner away from others (mostly for their benefit! ;-) ) and of course he screeched and played up a bit (he sees balloons and has to have them) but he downed his shake and ate about quarter of his cheesy ranger pancake. Luke had a chocolate milkshake and a cheesy ranger too (ham and cheese).

We then left with happy full tummies and made our way to the Sports Plaza so I could ask about the kids club and if it was possible to let Bee into a session WITH me so he wasn't stuck in his buggy all day.. The baby sensory session was just about to start and one baby had been booked on but the staff were fabulous and asked the family that booked if they minded Bee coming in and they didn't mind , we just waited for about 10 minutes so the baby girl could have the quiet chill and song part of the session first.

Inside the room was set up beautifully, the sensory equipment was brilliant, from the fibre optics to the slow chilled disco lights. Bee was a little apprehensive at first as the room was darker but soon was playing with the balls, glitter tube, tractors and fibre optics - he didn't want to leave and we were sad that it had to end so quick but very thankful to have been allowed in!

After seeing how well he enjoyed himself , I booked him into the afternoon crèche session - this was a difficult decision for me but a gamble that paid off as he LOVED it! He settled immediately and I kept going back to ask how he was and they had fallen in love with him and he had them wrapped round his little finger, especially manager Nick!

We seriously couldn't praise all the staff any more for their care and consideration - the kids club is perfect for children with additional needs (it's best to call ahead and let them know you would like to come then they can assign a 1-2-1 if needed) we will definitely not hesitate to let Bee play there next year!

The big boys had gone off swimming to gets some GoPro footage and burn some energy off! Whilst mum, dad and I sat quietly for a bit and got drinks.

When Aaron and Luke came out of swimming we took Luke for an ice cream and then to the park - it was so hot outside!!

By 4pm we had done all we wanted to and we're all pretty shattered so started to make our way back to the car (guest services arranged mobility transport van for mum, dad and I as we couldn't walk that far back) and both kids fell asleep pretty immediately in the car!

So Thankyou Center Parcs for an awesome experience - I rate them exceptional for disability awareness and care and always look forward to going back!