Thursday, 30 March 2017

Vionic Shoes Review

Shoes have always been a nightmare for me, I've never enjoyed shoe shopping for a variety of reasons..

I have big feet (size 8), I have a chipped bone in my big toe (an injury from my early teens) and I also have Hypermobility Syndrome and bad balance. For the last couple of years I have lived in Flip Flops, Crocs.. or some old boots - comfort over fashion!

When I had the chance to try some Vionic shoes I was quietly excited, I had researched their website and this is a little bit about them:

Vionic shoes combine both effortless style and comfort, so not only will your feet look good, but they’ll feel fabulous too! The upcoming spring/summer 2017 collection is packed with a range of classic and on-trend styles to choose from, with each shoe offering unique natural alignment that helps to adjust the feet to the correct position and improves posture.

It was the natural alignment that I was really interested in, after so long in Flip Flops my arches had dropped and the first time I put my new shoes on I could really feel the support around my whole foot.

The first week was spent breaking them in and correcting the way I walk (I am also seeing a physio about how I walk) but from the second week onwards the shoes were so incredibly comfortable and I was annoyed with myself I hadn't worn proper shoes earlier!

The pair I chose are called KEA and are stylish but easy for me to slip on as I cannot always bend to put shoes on.

I would recommend Vionic to anyone that has problems with their feet, be it balance or arch problems - there are so many fabulous designs on the website, I shall be confident from now on in buying shoes that are comfortable and not limiting myself to one pair!

You can check out the fab designs by visiting the website HERE

They also do men's shoes too!

Shoes were provided in return of an honest review.


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  1. I am thinking to buy this bionic shoes anytime soon after reading your reviews. It looks soft and comfortable. Best for outdoor trips or jogging.