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It all started back in 2009 when the boys dad and I started trying for our first baby, it wasn't an easy ride to parenthood as in 2009 we fell pregnant with twins and that pregnancy failed to progress and I had an ERPC, then straight after we fell pregnant with twins again! But sadly we miscarried one naturally and the other was found to be in my left fallopian tube resulting in emergency ectopic surgery and the loss of my left tube.

We were told to wait 3 months to try again but grief and the overwhelming need to try again meant that by the 3rd month we were pregnant again. We were well looked after and the baby (yes, 1!) was growing healthy safely in my tummy.

It was far from an easy pregnancy due to my chronic pain and on Valentines day 2010 - 6 weeks premature... Little Rocket entered the world screaming and surprising everyone weighing 5lb 10oz. After 10 days in SCBU he came home to begin his life in our family.

When Rocket was 2 we started trying for another baby - due to how many times I had been pregnant in 2009 and how easy it was to get pregnant, I thought it would happen quickly but this was not the case!

20 months of trying and almost getting to the point of giving up and being told I had PCOS I had a course of reflexology and lost nearly 2 stone which in turn turned into 2 little pink lines on our test!

Bee was born on the 8th November 2013, 3 weeks early exactly after 1 sweep. He was shocked when born but came round quickly. He weighed 7lb 3oz and was allowed to come home that same night, it was an amazing experience taking him home the same day, I kept expecting someone to come and take him away!

Rocket is now 7 years old and Bee is 3!

Daddy is a film maker and photographer and I myself am a stay at home mum for now.

I suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome after being diagnosed in May 2008 and Fibromyalgia with Chronic Pain syndrome. It's a daily struggle but we muddle through.

Bee was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder on 10th August 2016.

Welcome to the blog, we hope you enjoy the things we get up to! Please feel free to contact us:


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